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Bedrock Ocean is a pioneering startup focused on revolutionizing marine surveys through advanced technology. The company operates in the ocean exploration and marine data collection market, serving a diverse range of clients including environmental organizations, government agencies, and private sector companies involved in marine activities.

Bedrock Ocean's core business involves using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to conduct detailed surveys of the seafloor in nearshore areas. These AUVs are equipped with advanced tools such as multi-beam sonar, side-scan sonar, and magnetometers to collect high-resolution data. The company emphasizes a "data-first" approach, meaning they prioritize the collection, management, and interpretation of oceanic data to provide valuable insights.

The business model of Bedrock Ocean is built around offering comprehensive marine survey services. They charge clients for conducting these surveys and providing detailed maps and data interpretations. Additionally, Bedrock Ocean is committed to creating a publicly available map of the world's oceans that is 50 times more detailed than the current best public map. This initiative underscores their mission to enhance our understanding of the oceans, which is crucial for sustaining life on Earth.

Bedrock Ocean makes money by providing specialized survey services to various industries, reducing costs, increasing safety, and minimizing risks associated with marine operations. Their innovative technology partnerships, such as those with Exail and NORBIT Subsea, further enhance their capabilities and market reach.

In summary, Bedrock Ocean is transforming the marine survey industry with cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to oceanic data. Their services are invaluable for clients needing precise seafloor mapping and data interpretation.

Keywords: marine surveys, AUVs, seafloor mapping, ocean data, environmental, government, private sector, multi-beam sonar, side-scan sonar, magnetometers.

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