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Captain Fresh is a startup operating in the fish and seafood industry, aiming to revolutionize the sector by leveraging technology. The company serves a wide range of clients, including fisherfolk, farmers, retailers, fishmongers, and households that consume fish.

The company operates in both supply and demand markets, with a presence in multiple countries and sourcing points globally. Over 80 species of fish and seafood flow through their supply chain, indicating a broad market reach.

Captain Fresh's business model is built around empowering the fish and seafood value chain. They offer a SuperApp, Fishgram, that optimizes fishing ventures, provides a marketplace for catches, and equips users with valuable insights. This app is designed to revolutionize the seafood industry by making it more efficient and profitable for all stakeholders.

The company also addresses the challenges faced by small and medium factories, such as tech gaps, inefficiencies, inventory issues, and trust deficits. They offer a custom-built fish & seafood comprehensive ERP suite, FaaS, which revolutionizes seafood processing. This suite manages everything from raw material to advanced analytics, ensuring precision at every production stage.

For distributors and retailers, Captain Fresh offers Optimus, an ERP solution designed to integrate and streamline the entire workflow. This includes real-time inventory, promotions, fleet management, and automated delivery routes for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Finally, for supermarkets, Captain Fresh provides an end-to-end fish bed management service that stocks, operates, monitors, and promotes the category to increase sales.

Keywords: Fish and Seafood Industry, Technology, Supply Chain, Fishgram, FaaS, Optimus, ERP Suite, Raw Material Management, Advanced Analytics, Retail Management.

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