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CleanHub is a technology-driven startup that is tackling the global issue of plastic pollution. The company operates in the environmental services market, specifically focusing on waste management. It uses advanced technology to track and verify the collection of plastic waste, particularly in areas where there is a high risk of plastic entering the oceans.

CleanHub serves a diverse range of clients including brands, individuals, and waste managers. It provides a platform for these stakeholders to collaborate and advance plastic recovery efforts. The company's business model is centered around waste recovery, particularly in areas where such services are lacking.

The company's revenue is likely generated through partnerships with brands and waste managers. Brands can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability by partnering with CleanHub, while waste managers can benefit from the company's technology to improve their waste collection and management processes.

CleanHub also provides a directory of brands that are taking action against plastic pollution. This not only promotes these brands but also encourages consumers to make more environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions.

In addition, CleanHub is committed to social justice. It ensures that local waste managers are provided with safe jobs and fair wages. This not only helps to improve the livelihoods of these individuals but also contributes to the overall economic development of the areas where CleanHub operates.

Keywords: Waste Management, Plastic Pollution, Technology, Environmental Services, Brand Partnerships, Social Justice, Waste Recovery, Sustainable Purchasing, Economic Development, Circular Economy.

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