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Limenet.tech is an innovative startup focused on combating climate change through ocean alkalinity enhancement. The company operates in the environmental technology sector, specifically targeting carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation and ocean acidification. Limenet's primary clients include environmental agencies, research institutions, and industries looking to offset their carbon emissions.

Limenet's core technology revolves around the introduction of calcium bicarbonates into seawater. This process is inspired by the natural geological carbon cycle, where carbon is exchanged between the earth's soil, seas, freshwater bodies, and the atmosphere. By enhancing ocean alkalinity, Limenet aims to stabilize dissolved calcium bicarbonates and effectively store CO2, thereby reducing the risk of carbon dioxide leakages and mitigating ocean acidification.

The company operates a multidisciplinary research facility in La Spezia, where it conducts extensive chemical and biological studies. Chemically, the focus is on evaluating the stability and effectiveness of carbon dioxide storage in treated seawater. Biologically, the research investigates the potential effects of Limenet's treatment on marine life, particularly planktonic and benthic organisms.

Limenet's business model is based on providing a service that generates negative emissions. This is achieved by capturing CO2 from various sources, such as air or industrial waste streams, and converting it into calcium bicarbonates before introducing it into the ocean. The company makes money through partnerships, grants, and selling carbon credits to industries aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

In summary, Limenet.tech is at the forefront of environmental technology, offering a scientifically-backed solution to ocean acidification and CO2 mitigation. The company leverages natural processes to provide a sustainable and effective method for combating climate change.

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