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SkySpecs is a technology-driven company that operates in the renewable energy sector, providing asset management solutions. The company's primary focus is to help renewable energy operators manage their assets more efficiently and effectively, particularly as they scale up to meet increasing demand and manage aging fleets. SkySpecs' business model is centered around providing customers with actionable insights derived from data, enabling them to make better, data-driven decisions and optimize their operations and maintenance (O&M) planning.

One of the company's key offerings is autonomous drone inspections, which capture high-quality data about the condition of wind turbine blades. This data is then used to manage the health of the assets, identify trends to mitigate risk, and optimize O&M planning and spending. The company also offers a platform called Horizon CMS, which streamlines sensor data and applies AI fault detection technology for earlier and more accurate fault detection.

SkySpecs also provides Blade Services, which offer insights from a team of wind industry experts, and CMS Diagnostic Services, which involve collaborating with clients to design, develop, and execute tech-enabled diagnostic services. The company's solutions are designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and returns for its customers, which are primarily operators in the renewable energy sector.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Asset Management, Autonomous Drone Inspections, Data-Driven Decisions, Operations and Maintenance Planning, Horizon CMS, AI Fault Detection, Blade Services, CMS Diagnostic Services, Wind Turbine Management.

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Vertikal AI
ACQUISITION by SkySpecs May 2021
ACQUISITION by SkySpecs May 2021
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