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Wildtype Foods is a pioneering startup operating in the sustainable food industry, specifically focusing on the production of lab-grown seafood. The company's primary product is clean, lab-grown salmon, which is developed through a process that mimics the natural growth of wild salmon. The company's mission is to reduce the pressure on our oceans and promote the transition to more sustainable and accessible seafood options.

Wildtype Foods serves a broad range of clients, including restaurants, food service providers, and individual consumers who are conscious about sustainability and the environmental impact of their food choices. The company operates in the rapidly growing market of lab-grown meat and seafood, which is driven by increasing consumer awareness about the environmental impact of traditional meat and seafood production.

The business model of Wildtype Foods is based on the production and sale of lab-grown salmon. The company generates revenue by selling its products to various clients, including restaurants and food service providers. The company's products are grown in a system that resembles a beer brewery, where the salmon are provided with the same nutrients they would consume in the wild.

In conclusion, Wildtype Foods is a forward-thinking startup that is leveraging scientific advancements to produce sustainable and environmentally-friendly seafood options. The company operates in a growing market and has a unique business model that could potentially revolutionize the seafood industry.

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