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Heimdal is a forward-thinking startup that focuses on the development and deployment of Direct Air Capture (DAC) carbon removal systems. These systems are designed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere, a crucial step in combating climate change. Heimdal's DAC systems are not only innovative but also cost-effective to operate and quick to scale, making them a viable solution for large-scale carbon capture.

The company serves a global market that is increasingly focused on decarbonization. Their target clients are likely to be governments, corporations, and other entities that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and meeting global climate goals.

Heimdal's business model is centered on the development and operation of DAC facilities. Their first pilot facility, located in Hawaii, is capable of capturing nearly 40 tons of CO2 annually, powered solely by renewable energy. The company is currently working on a commercial demonstration facility in Oklahoma, known as Project Bantam, which will have the capacity to capture more than 5,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Heimdal generates revenue by selling the captured CO2 to industries that can utilize it, such as the manufacturing or energy sectors. Additionally, they may also generate income from carbon credits, a system where companies can offset their own emissions by purchasing credits from businesses like Heimdal that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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